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As the incoming President of the RES, I'm excited to see the stage set for a wonderful 2015-2016 year! I thank each and every one of you who attended our past events, including the 6th annual Alumni vs. Students BBQ in August and the 4th annual Alternate Energy Symposium in November. We hope to see you all again at one of our upcoming events! A special thanks to the outstanding group of RES officers, Board members, and volunteers for their help in building a thriving alumni community and making SoE that much stronger.

The 2015 Commencement was a successful event for SoE and RES, with RES representatives attending many departmental functions. At Commencement, immediate Past President Matt Lunemann, P.E., encouraged Linked-In participation. From these efforts and others, we number over 2,500 alums on Linked-In. This is tremendous growth, but we need your help so we can build an engineering community that leads the BIG 10! Please join the “Rutgers Engineering Society” group on Linked-In, and encourage your Rutgers Engineering colleagues to participate in this dynamic community.

Linked-In and social media allow the RES to engage alumni in new locations. This year, the RES continues its efforts to strengthen its connection with SoE alumni worldwide. The 5th annual Alternate Energy Symposium will be webcast this November, and our efforts with “Off the Banks” chapters are well underway. If you're interested in participating in an “Off the Banks” group in your region, please let the RES know! In addition to Linked-In, you can also "Like" us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter (@RutgersEngineer) for all the latest RES news.

This year also introduces a RES “Young Professionals” group, which has shown tremendous success in its initial events. The YP group offers fun, casual networking and mentorship opportunities to SoE's recent graduates – the newest RES members. Their first signature event will be a tailgate prior to the November 15 Indiana game. If you're interested in the tailgate or an upcoming Young Professionals Happy Hour, please get in touch!

Most importantly, to all 20,000 living SoE alumni, we hope to provide you with more networking and continuing education opportunities during the 2015-16 year and to strengthen your connection with our alma mater. Whether “Off the Banks” or “On the Banks,” we hope to see you at one of our RES events this year!
Best regards,
Aaron Richton
RES President (2014-2016)
ECE '03 / EJB '08